As an international master hairstylist, Elizabeta has been addressing all kinds of problems when it comes to hair and the scalp on a daily basis for over 20 years. She knows from practice how important it is to look at the hair as a whole, because the hair reflects the personal condition and health of the body. Her approach is to see the scalp as crucial part of the hair care routine. Because a healthy scalp is directly related to more beautiful and strong hair.

In 2014, Elizabeta opened her salon in Munich and shortly after developed her own hair care line to change the hair care world with her highly effective and genuine products. The unique formulas, the authenticity of the brand, the expertise and passion behind the products led quickly to international success.

So Unique

ELIZABETA ZEFI's hair care line is based on a unique formula and aims to create a more innovative future for the hair care industry. This is reflected in her philosophy and products. Carefully selected, high quality, skin friendly ingredients with the latest scientific knowledge are essential and crucial for Elizabeta. All products are naturally cruelty-free, developed and manufactured in Germany and stand for quality, effectiveness & transparency!

Good Hair Day

The result is the perfect formulated mix of hair care and styling products that strengthen the hair of all types, making it healthier, more resistant - simply more beautiful.

An innovative highlight of the range is a scientifically tested hormone-free active ingredient that promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss and ensures hair retention. All products are dermatologically tested.

Only natural raw materials such as essential oils, plant extracts and minerals are used.

Made In Germany

Elizabeta's vision and promise is to offer natural, German developed and highly effective hair care products under the following principles: Quality, Efficacy & Transparency. They underline her beliefs and what she and her products stand for.

A Heart For Everybodys Need

With the ELIZABETA ZEFI line, Elizabeta brings her years of experience, values, belief and passion 100% into the lives of her clients and the beauty industry with her products that combines salon-level performance with innovative and natural ingredients. Through her experience as an international master hairstylist, Elizabeta has developed a hair care line that offers the perfect solution for every hairs problem and need.